Thursday, April 26, 2018

Lap Chun

Balancing Eggs

Many do not realize that the actual start of a Chinese zodiac year is 立春 (lap chun / lì chūn). The technical start of spring. For the year of the Dog, it fell on the 4th of February. Back in ancient times, it was a time to start farming. But so what right? The fact that one can balance eggs upright is a way cooler fact about 立春. I gave it a try, but I didn't manage to do it on the floor of my living room. Not sure if doing it on the carpet is considered cheating though. I missed the timing perhaps. Can try it again during the Dragon Boat Festival.

P.S.: Wonder if can do it with my teloq? XD 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Gossip At Grub

CNY Crowd

Once it hit February, the Chinese started going nuts and thronged the OUG morning market. The crowd had started to hit its peak. Additional seasonal human traffic caused my favourite wantan noodles stall to run out of char siew! Hebat! I had to settle for wantan.

Wantan Noodles

SimonLover organized a dinner that night since HornyBF (SimonLover's Instagram hubby) was in town (Khatijah and ForIHaveSinned also joined us). The venue was Grub by Ahong at Section 17. Been ages since I went to that part of Section 17. Nearby where I parked my car was a field. And what caught my eye was several migrant workers who were playing cricket there. Such a rare sight in Malaysia. Grub is positioned as a no-frills restaurant. It's mostly self-service, where you make your order, and get all the cutlery yourself. All the waiters are migrant workers who can't communicate very well. Just pray that they bring the correct order to your table. Only the chef is local-- Ahong, the 'friendly fat man' as he calls himself. All this to keep the prices low.

Cordon Bleu

For starters we had the roasted beetroot, fresh fruits, and feta salad. Also the fried French quail with roasted grapes. Both were quite good. I felt like duck that day so I ordered the slow smoked duck. Give me siew ngap any time. Something was missing from the dish. A bit bland. On the other hand, the conversation on that night was far from bland. Whole lot of skanky talk that sent Khatijah into a fit of cackling. Thank goodness we were seated upstairs, away from the bulk of other patrons. Also found out that HornyBF quit his job in Hong Kong and would be starting a new job in Singapore.

Slow Smoked Duck

Khatijah suggested that we walk over to Happy Mansion for coffee. Just had to walk up some stairs and cross a field and we were at Food Foundry. Judging from its polished look, they recently renovated. The bunch of use ordered some coffees ("This coffee OK ah? Scared cannot sleep later le") and a couple of slices of cake. SimonLover then brought out his stash of Jenny's Kitchen butter cookies. Perfect for dunking in a hot cup of latte. We mengumpat-ed until it was closing time...

Rainbow Mille Crepe

P.S.: Thanks SimonLover for the souvenir from Bangkok! Sexy underwear is always welcome. 


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Overdose of Ribs and Getting Drunk on Dessert

CNY was just a couple of weeks away, so I made good use of the day off to get a haircut. Finally, my stylist decided that I no longer need a hair style that 'lengthens' because I had rediscovered a sharper face shape. Before heading home, I bought some CNY decorations at Parkson. Mum cooked lunch, a simple soup of tung ho (some people call it roach veggie due to the taste) with minced pork, and some fried pomfret. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing spring cleaning and other preparations for the coming festivities.

Triple Pomfret

Janvier met KH and I for dinner that night. Since his office was in PJ, he didn't get to enjoy the Hari Wilayah day off. At least we chose a location that was close to him-- Topshelf at TTDI. Although he was swamped with work, it was great that he found the time to meet us. The pork ribs that I ordered was super huge (French cuisine?). Nearly OD-ed. I had to outsource my ribs to Janvier and KH.

Pork Ribs

Dinner was on us since it was Janvier's birthday month. He repaid us with dessert instead at Foo Foo. It was KH's first visit there. The second Janvier walked in, he was given a very warm welcome by the owners. We were even given free vanilla ice cream (from real vanilla pods!). The three of us shared the chocolate mascarpone and the apple crumble. Judging from how KH was smacking his lips, he loved both. I can see that KH can get drunk on dessert there.

Apple Crumble

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Same But Different

Same But Different

Three pairs of Private Structure underwear. All the same size-- Small. Should I say "one size fits all"?

P.S.: Please participate in my long running underwear survey *HERE*.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Imitating Imelda

Healthy Breakfast

Didn't have anything planned for Thaipusam, so I decided to assemble the Lego piggy bank that SK bought for me from Denmark. It didn't take long for me to finish. I don't think I will see much use from it other than a piece of decoration.

Lego Piggy Bank

SK came over in the afternoon, and we went to have chicken rice at Restoran Kong Sai, Taman Equine. My colleague raved about a shop near there that sold a big variety of CNY cookies at bargain prices, so we went to check it out. The stuff they sold was horrible. After a few samples, I did not want to torture myself anymore. No wonder buy 3, free 1. Other than those seasonal stuff, they sell a lot of kuih-muih which we couldn't resist trying. So pretty.

CNY Biscuits


Apollo posted about his shopping spree at a sports shoes warehouse sale at Citta Mall which caught our attention. Buzzed him for more information. Turns out that they were selling lotsa stuff at 70% off. New Balance shoes were MYR200 for two pairs. I needed some running shoes (my old pair was falling apart), so we went to check it out.

When we arrived, Apollo and his boyfriend were still there. Even KH joined the party. Due to my wide feet, I have to find 2E shoes. It was much easier to ask the staff which models were wide, and which had my size. Cuts down the choices. While I was looking for my shoes, Apollo bought another pair. Masyallah. He had to rush home for dinner, and KH had an appointment, so I helped them to pay first. Mum and SK also bought something. In total, I paid for six pairs of shoes. I bought a pair of NB Minimus which is a crossover with Vibram. The low drop is something that takes some different running techniques. Probably won't use it for much running. Not that I run much anyway. LOL.

NB Minimus

Tried Nando's latest offering, Coco Cataplana. Basically their usual grilled chicken over Mediterranean but topped with a thick coconut cream. Kinda like what you get when a coconut tree does not cum for two weeks. Not to my liking.

Right after dinner, we went to SS2 for coffee. Apollo arrangement a meet-up at P.S. Tokyo so that he could collect his sneakers. Surprisingly, it was really quiet that night. Kinako latte was the weirdest thing on the drinks menu, so I went for that. Bad choice! Haha. Just the taste of soy. Better to order a bottle of V-Soy. However, the waffles were pretty good. Very crispy when hot, but chewy when left too long. 


Friday, April 06, 2018

Marketing with MiniMe

New Year Cakes

With just a little over two weeks before CNY, the morning market at OUG had started to go into high gear. RELA personnel were deployed, and Jalan Hujan Rahmat 2 was closed, allowing for temporary stalls to mushroom up all along the road (most openly selling red crackers). I wouldn't say that it's a buying frenzy, but people still come to buy what's necessary to prepare for the coming festivities. Everyone is trying to get a bang for their buck. Plenty of biscuits and nian gao available, a clear indication of supply overshadowing demand. That day, I had a special breakfast appointment with KT and her MiniMe. MiniMe seemed a bit anti-social and was clinging to KT like a koala. It was better when she was distracted with a smartphone.

Old Lady and New Year Cakes

Chicken Egg Vendor

Curry Chicken Legs

SK was sick after her trip to Copenhagen, so we went to her GP at Bukit Serdang. After seeing the doctor, we went to Restoran Bukit Tinggi for some famous YTF. The shop makes a very delicate spherical tofu, that has a texture similar to taufufah. They serve it in a clay pot with piping hot soup.
Don't bother trying the other stuff.

YTF in Claypot


In the evening, met up with JJ and Bunny for dinner at Sushi Zanmai, Nu Sentral. JJ was back from visiting his parents in Penang. There was yu sang on the seasonal menu, so we took the opportunity do an early lou sang. Truth be told, it was quite yummy. Here's the recipe for their yu sang:
  1. Preserved radish.
  2. Preserved onion.
  3. Deep-fried wantan skin.
  4. Deep-fried burdock.
  5. Agar-agar.
  6. Tenkasu (tempura bits).
  7. Kelp.
  8. Cucumber.
  9. Carrot.
  10. Olive oil.
  11. Lemon juice.
  12. Salmon sashimi.
Yee Sang

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Undicesimo Anniversario

Butler & Chef

Eleven years together with KH, doesn't feel like it. Been through so much together, and for sure there's more ahead of us. In a relationship, there's no real destination, it's a journey undertaken together. We marked the occasion with an Italian omakase dinner at Butler & Chef, Solaris Dutamas. The restaurant is located right beside Red Bean Bag (I wonder if people still queue to eat here). Besides us, there was only one other table occupied on that Saturday night. Both of us ordered the 7-course dinner which would have cost a pretty penny if not for the TableApp promotion. Here's what we had:
  1. Caprese salad.
  2. Beetroot bisque.
  3. Pan-fried salmon.
  4. Grilled giant river prawn.
  5. Grilled lamb with nai pak (an uncommon pairing).
  6. Seafood spaghetti marinara (a mountainous serving of pasta!).
  7. Panna cotta.

Seafood Pasta

By the end of the meal, we nearly couldn't get out of our seats. Since we were the only customers left, Chef Mino, the owner and chef came out to talk to us. He regaled us with some tales of his experiences in Singapore and Jakarta. Funny that he should also air his grievances about doing business in Malaysia-- "good help is hard to find", he said. I'm sure we have seen some of these examples at our own workplaces, where there are some people who:
  1. M.I.A.
  2. Sakit perut.
  3. Anak sakit.
Chef Mino

Wooden Dog

ALL THE TIME. After dinner, we walked around Publika for a while, taking some pictures here and there. Back home, we had another activity lined up (not anniversary sex la)-- installation of my EcoSphere Water Purifier. Finally decided to get rid of the water filter at home (I got it on a lease). The vendor stopped servicing my unit and was not interested in receiving my money anymore. So I bought the EcoSphere, Nu Skin's foray into the water business. What separates them from the competition?
  1. Sleek, modern design. A white tower with small footprint. A clean tube design where you don't have to worry about tubing and wiring. 
  2. D.I.Y. installation in 3 minutes without the need for special tools. 
  3. 4-in-1 filtration (polypropylene pleated filtration, compressed activated carbon block, polyether sulfone membrane, cold cathode UV lamp) which provides 99.9999% filtration.
  4. Cool electronic water diverter. One touch for clean, filtered water.
Water Filter I

Water Filter II

EcoSphere Water Purifier